BARBIE® Copyright Program


We represented Mattel, Inc. in connection with its copyrighted BARBIE® doll.

BARBIE® is one of the most popular toys of all time. 

Mattel, Inc.’s competitors have capitalized on that popularity by developing similar dolls.

We represented Mattel, Inc. in two actions against sellers of competing dolls.  In both actions, we were able to reach a settlement--one of which resulted from extensive litigation.



In one suit, against Goldberger Doll, the parties reached a settlement after a brief period of discovery.

In the other, against Madison Square Garden d/b/a The Radio City Rockettes, Judge Jeb S. Rakoff granted summary judgment against Mattel.  We appealed, and the Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit reversed. 

Judge Rakoff then conducted a bench trial and found no evidence of infringement. The parties mutually agreed to a settlement during the course of that second appeal, and the Court of Appeals vacated the decision of Judge Rakoff.